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  • Apprentice drop-out rates are one of the aggravating factors limiting their availability and success. Their causes, however, are relatively simple to fix. Businesses with the wrong apprentices generally have them for a simple reason; they failed to attract, evaluate and employ the right candidates.
  • The PLANit Global platform has been designed to provide clear, relevant information for young people on the realities of roles and companies within their chosen sectors, along with the ability to apply for apprenticeship positions. From a company’s perspective, our strong and rapidly-growing user base means that careers within your business can be showcased to a large applicable audience in a format specifically constructed to maximise engagement.
  • Careers fairs and face-to-face engagement have long been the accepted methods of informing young people about careers with your business, but it is far from the optimum approach.
  • In a world where Instagram and ASOS reign supreme, an online careers solution is the only effective method of connecting with a generation raised on, and integrated with, technology.
  • The PLANit Global platform has been proven to stimulate the target audience far more effectively than traditional verbal engagement via careers fairs or skills shows. Not only is it more effective but it is also vastly cheaper, with the full costs of implementing face-to-face approach being up to 120 times more expensive than a subscription on PLANit.
  • For an established mature company or a disruptive start-up, the need for growth is a constant challenge. Depending on your firm’s maturity or niche, different forms of advertisement may feel appropriate. However, what every business looks for is to open a larger, addressable market to their offering.
  • Now - what if there was a solution that alerted an engaged mass market with your business in a way that showcased the social responsibility of your business as a forward-thinking employer, rather than just a deliberate, cynical, explicit attempt to sell? And what if you could do so for just 2% of the costs of trade magazine advertising.
  • The PLANit Global platform is not a traditional advertising tool, but therein lies its value in promoting brand awareness. Through our pioneering careers platform, we reach an active audience of over 97,000 young people, plus their families, in the Black Country, and our metrics are rapidly growing, with licensing in the Middle East providing exposure to a key international market.
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