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Is your life not taking you where you want to go? Do you feel stuck or it seems you are hitting a brick wall? Would you like to stop going around in circles and move forward? I can help you with how you overcome those barriers. Book a 60-minute free consultation and you won't be disappointed.

Sector : Health, Social & Childcare

Where is your business based?

Birmingham, West Midlands

What is your name?

David Andrew

What is your role within the business?

I am a Business Owner. I am a health and wellbeing coach. It is a holistic approach in maintaining the physical, mental and spiritual health. https://davidandrewcoaching.com/about/

What does your business do?

I provide effective coaching and mentoring sessions to small to medium size business owners, managers and leaders. https://davidandrewcoaching.com/business-coaching/ I work on the physical, mental and spiritual mindset development of individuals. I conduct the sessions in group workshops https://davidandrewcoaching.com/group-coaching/ and 1:1 coaching or mentoring. https://davidandrewcoaching.com/individual-coaching/ I am also a volunteer to the prisoners at the HMP Brinsford for the young offenders and HMP Featherstone for adults.

What is special about your business - what makes it a great place to work?

The unique thing about my business is how I communicate with people. I speak plain English and use analogies, metaphors and real-life experiences. It resonates with people and enables them to feel at ease eliminating any inhibitions. Working with me is fun and the only protocol is to have the right attitude. There is transparency in my work backed up with evidence. We work as a team in achieving their goals through clear sequencing, timeline and accountability. In every coaching session or group workshops, I provide refreshments. Meeting without eating is cheating - it's an Indian maxim.

How many people do you employ?

I am a sole trader. However, I am looking for a candidate with the right attitude, who is energetic and a desire to attract clients. In return, they will earn 10% commission on sales generated + business expense. I will provide three-month training.

What skills and qualities do you look for in new employees? Why should people look at jobs in this sector?

Ability to communicate with clarity and purpose. Reflective listening skills - in other words. Listen carefully, think and response. Knowing that this is really what you want to do. A great attitude in general and a good sense of humour. Should be able to express their feelings with calm and respect.

What other job roles do you have in your business?

I am a keynote speaker and blog writer https://davidandrewcoaching.com/news-blog/ I speak on topics such as: Managing health (physical, mental & spiritual). Managing finances (relationship with money, how to live a debt free, and manage personal finances effectively) Managing relationships (with the spouse, family members, work colleagues and society in general)

How do I apply for opportunities?

Call me on 07778 062507 or email: info@davidandrewcoaching.com

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David Andrew

Job role: Healthcare

Describe what you do in your job. What is a typical day like?

I use my day very productively. I engage with a variety of people who feel stuck and feel they are going around in circles either in their personal or business life. I mentor and coach, and inspire individuals to develop a powerful mindset to combat and manage the day to day challenges they encounter. I write blogs, communicate with people clearly and promptly and enjoy life. Personal experience and having been through that journey qualifies me to do work that I do. Furthermore, it helps me empathise with people who are facing such challenges. I mentor juvenile and adult prisoners. With my style of mentoring and coaching the transformation has been very encouraging. Chances of them reoffending is considerably minimised. I find my work extremely rewarding, and I say to myself at the end of each day. It was brilliant and productive, and I enjoy a restful night.

Was this your first job? What other jobs or work experience have you had?

My first job was working in the Public Sector - Birmingham City Council. I have extensive experience in print and commissioning, and business development through advertising and marketing. I chose to retire very early from this job to follow my vision and purpose in life, and I am enjoying every day in what I do.

What process did you have to follow to get your job?

My processes are simple, and I believe anyone can implement this and be very productive in their daily job. Here are my five steps to be productive in your daily work: 1. Sequence and streamline your work processes, so you know all the steps that are involved from start to finish in completing that task. 2. Read and listen attentively from the source. 3. Comprehend, take notes and process information accordingly. 4. Politely, professionally communicate and liaise with relevant people via email, phone or face to face within an agreed timeline. 5. Follow-up and request feedback to measure your service.

What is great about your job? What part of your job do you enjoy the most?

The great thing about my job is that I am never busy and I have all the time in the world to do what I want.. It is my philosophy, and that's the way I think. I am never busy but always productive. I do the things that are important and requires my time and energy. I have the flexibility of working from anywhere I choose there is free Wi-Fi. All I need is my laptop and my phone. However, in order to achieve this lifestyle, there are disciplines and habits I have instilled and practice daily. To learn more about how I do this. Email me: info@davidandrewcoaching.com

What training do you get at work to help you do your job role?

With elementary education and no degrees to declare on my CV, I am pre-dominantly self-trained. I did attend seminars, conferences, read hundreds of books, podcasts, meeting and talking to business people from different industries and thousands of hours of self-studying. However, I am a qualified coach and received my qualifications through City & Guilds - Institute of Managment and Leadership (ILM) I am also a qualified TEFL teacher. I did 120 hours intensive training course in one month with Via Lingua in Florence, Italy.

What skills are required to do your job?

The essential skills in my job are: 1. Ask yourself why are you doing this job and being able to satisfy yourself in how it will help you develop and be successful in achieving your goals. 2. Have the right attitude. 3. Have sensitivity and empathy towards others. 4. Listen effectively and respond with clarity. 5. Being able to build good relationships, building trust and integrity. 6. Communicate and keep your client informed. 7. Value your time and of others too.

What role-specific qualifications do you think are needed to do your job?

1. Literacy and numeracy are essential. 2. The higher your level of literacy and numeracy is the better it will be for you to do this job. 3. If you are an undergraduate that will be fine. Being a graduate will be advantageous. 4. ILM coaching and mentoring qualifications are highly desirable. Many reputable institutes provide similar training and qualifications. 5. You will need excellent communication and comprehension skills.

What was the highest level of qualification you needed from school, college or university to do your role?

  • Level 5 - Foundation degree Fda/Fdsc; HND; HNC; NVQ 4; NVQ 5; Certificate of HE; Diploma of HE.

What subject options (curriculum subjects) would you recommend someone chooses to do your role?

  • Psychology and Counselling

Do you have any interests that complement your job role?

  • cookery

How many years of experience do you need to do your job?

  • 1 - 2 years experience

What is your personality type?

  • Entrepreneur - Smart, energetic and very wise people, who truly enjoy living on the edge.

How much can you earn in your job?

  • £30,000 – £40,000


Work Experience : Business Development Officer

An excellent opportunity for a school or college leaver to gain work experience in the world of Professional Coaching & Mentoring. Benefits: 1. You'll be able to develop a high-level communication and interpersonal skills. 2. You'll benefit from receiving effective coaching and mentoring sessions for personal development, setting and achieving goals. You'll be able to practice coaching on your friends, family, and colleagues and measure your success and growth. 3. You will have the opportunity to attend networking events, meet and talk with professionals from different business backgrounds and industry. It will also help you raise your professional profile and create pathways to develop your successful journey. 4. You will also enjoy the benefit of light refreshments and light lunch and will have the choice to travel with me to the networking events. If this opportunity excites you to take the next step forward, then feel free to email me your CV with a covering letter about what attracted you to this post. Email: info@davidandrewcoaching.com www.davidandrewcoaching.com

Volunteer : Business Development Officer

If you have the right attitude and a desire to learn, grow and succeed An adequate level of speaking English, literacy and numerical skills. Values time and is punctual Able to communicate verbally and in writing Please contact me directly by email at info@davidandrewcoaching.com